My main interests are people and light.  People act and interact with each other and with their surroundings; they see and are seen because of the light.  Expression and emotion is indicated not only in their faces, but in their attitude, movement and relation to things or other people around them.

Previous work has been about people in the city, in the rain; rain which becomes another factor in the equation.  Rain and its wetness affect the light both in intensity and clarity. Images are distorted and tend towards abstraction.  The moisture-diffused atmosphere blurs the image, produces haloes round lights and creates a feeling of timelessness.  People are affected. They appear to dissolve in the wet air, or float on the wet streets.  They huddle together, or are trapped in their cars.

Recently I have been involved with trees, and a more natural environment.   Perhaps trees have similarities to people, huddling together or standing in lines; trees in the dark, or trees against the light and sky.   Other work reflects an interest in buildings: buildings created for people to work or live, or for special occasions and ceremonies in beautiful surroundings of light and space. Other places are dark and shadowy. You never know what you will find.

I enjoy working fast in soft pastels, or with oil pastels and oil bars.  Paintings are mainly oil on canvas.  I have drawn influences from nineteenth century Japanese art, European painting, and contemporary artists, but my work is based mainly on drawing and life, observation and photographic images.  My aim is to achieve a tension between surface image and depth, reality and abstraction; a balance between light and dark, colour and mood.