Tristan Barry    Strangford

My recent work explores our collective identity by exploring everyday human interaction on the surrounding environment. Current concerns range from the vulnerable hand-built boundaries formed by traditional dry stone walls on our countryside, to the permanently ever-growing and expanding lines of our townscapes.


The work is founded firmly in drawing, as it is through this method of working that the imagery most naturally evolves. Drawing from my immediate environment, my sketches are reactionary and act as a record of a particular place and time. These sketches can become the basis for paintings, which I produce using a variety of inks, graphite and acrylic paints – materials that I consider to be drawing media and which further link these later paintings to the earlier sketches.


The resulting work is deliberately monochrome. I have limited my palette in order to expose the landscape as a collection of forms, structures, darkness and light; a method I believe to be the most honest and informative line of enquiry.