Jan Uprichard
Jan Uprichard is a Belfast based artist. She completed her Masters in Art in Public at the University of Ulster in 2010, with a final semester at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, notably in the National Gallery of Bulgaria in 2006 and more recently in Erfurt, Germany in June/July 2010 and at the Beton Salon, Paris in August 2010. She has received grants from the British Council and the Garfield Weston trust. Her recent work centres on participative/dialogical projects frequently involving the use of smell. In addition to this she also works as part of artist collective Sociable Science.


Tristan Barry

I consider my work to be an exploration of identity, through the portrayal of arguably mundane objects that are easily ignored as unimportant, but which reference a point in time relevant to myself, or a person close to me. By painting these objects, such as a pair of shoes, I am building a profile of these points in time. To me a pair of shoes is a reference to the footsteps they will have taken, and are as specific to a memory as a fingerprint is to a person. By painting a pair of shoes, or any object for that matter, I am creating a portrait of a person.
A pair of well worn boots found in a charity shop are painted to record the trace of a person I did not know. A piano is painted as testament to my grandparents who played it for many years. Developing my practice I have realised a fundamental line of interest that is underlying it. I am drawn to my subject matter by the indeterminable sequence of events which they might bear testament to.


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Tim Weir

Tim’s work is mainly figurative, and centres around the idea of viewing the human form in isolation. His paintings are an attempt to gain a sense of silence and meditation in a very loud and fast moving modern world. Tim has spent the last few years developing and honing his technique and skills as a draughtsman and painter. He has been influenced by old and modern masters alike, from Carravaggio to Ken Currie, and Rembrant to Kent Williams.



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